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The UYES Mentorship program might be for YOU if...

β˜‘  You are ready for more joy, fulfillment and freedom in your work and life.
β˜‘  You are ready to get out of your own way and stop letting your past and your circumstances hold you back.
 β˜‘  You are ready to create the relationships, health, wealth and life you really want.

UYES Mentorship is for ambitious women that want to get "unstuck" and authentically live, love and lead by design.   No matter what your goals and dreams are, life throws so much at us to distract and discouraged us.  It can be so hard to stay focused and motivated to follow through by yourself. 
This UYES Mentorship program provides the coaching, accountability, community & training to Unlock Your Extraordinary Success in the areas of life that matter most to YOU

Using the UYES Roadmap©, you will develop in these areas:

VISION:  Assess and Design your vision for your Authentic Best Self, Best Work and Best Life.

SELF-LEADERSHIP: Plan, Grow & Perform to breakthrough limitations, better navigate challenges and accelerate your success. 

LEADERSHIP:  Lead from your vision to attract, influence & enroll your best relationships, followers, clients, and teams at work and home.

We bring you proven principles, best practices, and highly effective coaching for success by your design. We help you align to the right SMARTIES:  Strategies Mindsets, Actions, Resources, Teammates, Influence Energy, & Systems, to accelerate your success. 

Is it your time to live with more joy, fulfillment, & freedom in your work, relationships, health and life?


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Imagine if... 

YOU can BE, DO, and HAVE more of what YOU really want, despite your past, your fears and your challenging circumstances.

Imagine if... 

You can STOP feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted and stuck.

Imagine if... 

YOU CAN unlock your BEST health, income, impact, work and relationships every day. 

" I knew that there was something else I needed to do after getting my certification in nutrition coaching but needed some guidance with how to achieve what I wanted. Tammy is a business and leadership coach. Up until this time I had no idea that I needed a coach. Never once did I feel like I was being pressured in any way to hire her as my coach. She always validated my feelings and never hesitates to be transparent about her own story. Because of her honesty, integrity and her incredible abilities as a true mentor, I decided to work with Tammy.

I cannot tell you how much in just 3 months I have learned and look at Tammy as the epitome of someone who really wants to be someone who makes a difference in the lives of others. She is true to who she is meant to be and for that reason I feel an incredible connection to her. I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me, but I’m especially grateful to have found someone who totally and completely gets me. When you don’t believe you can meet someone virtually and form a strong connection, I beg to differ. Never underestimate the power of God and what’s possible."  Shari Filsinger

“I had achieved all I wanted in my career as a university professor, had two kiddos at home, and was ready for something different but I didn’t know exactly what to do. Tammy gave me permission to dream really big. I hadn’t yet envisioned the next part of life. That got me so excited. It’s magic. I started out creating one type of business but when the pandemic hit and my kids came home from school, I didn’t know what to do. Tammy helped me make a huge pivot that turned out to be perfect for me, combining my background in teaching and my passion into a scalable offer to serve more people. I never would’ve been able to do it without her.”
- Dr. Audra Roach



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“I never would’ve guessed this would be something for me. I’m so glad I did it. Tammy helped me take my dreams that were swirling around that I wanted to do in my business and plot out a plan to make things happen in reasonable steps, attainable goals. I’m doing all the things for people that I always wanted to do. It’s so meaningful. 

You don’t know what you’re capable of until you work with Tammy.”

– Angela Lofton, Author & Coach for Special Needs Parents


Hi, I'm Tammy McKinney, founder of Unlocking Your Best Life, A Leadership & Personal Development Company.  We offer Coaching, Consulting, Training & Speaking to unlock more joy, fulfillment and freedom in your Relationships, Work & Life.  We specifically take into account the Impact-Driven Leader's heart, the many hats we wear, our desire to serve our families and communities, perform well in our work and add value to the world.

From Corporate Executive to Entrepreneur, while raising my 4 favorite humans, I have achieved some great successes, while navigating some of life's most challenging circumstances.  On my life's journey, I have become obsessed with living authentically to unlock joy, fulfillment and freedom daily, despite life's unexpected struggles. My life's mission is supporting others to do the same.    

I am a woman in continual pursuit of personal growth, impactful leadership and life by design. I am committed to serving others reaching their potential.  We specialize in developing Strategic Vision, Self-Leadership and Authentic Leadership.   My expertise is derived from proven principles of High Performance, Leadership, Self-Improvement, Optimal Well-being, Human Behavior, Positive Psychology and Business Development. I am degreed in Business and Information Technology.  I am certified with John Maxwell LeadershipLCIA Life Coaching, and ACSM fitness & wellness.

I have spent over 30 years, helping clients develop their Leadership, improve their well-being, build business & life success by design. I have helped hundreds of people break free from excuses, setbacks, and procrastination to gain clarity, confidence, and courage to create and achieve their goals.

I believe Extraordinary Success comes when you authentically LIVE, LOVE and LEAD your well-integrated life by YOUR design I help you live from your vision for success so that you can make your difference in the world, while navigating adversity well and enjoying each day.

joy, fulfillment and freedom are waiting to be unlocked! 

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You are worth it
Coach Tammy

Let's create the success you truly desire, in your relationships, work & life.

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“How fun and laid-back it was. The women were so lovely. I found that I was in the same boat as a lot of others. Trying to figure out how to make money, do good, and be happy. The personal growth was incredible. I loved how open the other women were with their hearts and established friendships through the program.

You never know how much fun learning can be until you do it with others who are learning with you in a small group setting. It almost doesn’t seem like work.” – Julie, graphic designer

Want to know more about making this investment in your EXTRAORDINARY future?

Your best life starts with your COMMITMENT to create the success YOU really want in every area of life.

Most people settle for ordinary.  Most people do not pursue what they actually want to BE, DO, and HAVE.  Most people feeling stuck, limited or even hopeless. 

YOU deserve to have an EXTRAODINARY life of joy, fulfillment, and freedom, despite your past, your limiting beliefs, and your circumstances.  
I am doing it and have coached hundreds of other people on their journey to success by their design.πŸ™‹πŸΌ‍♀️

In this UYES Mentorship Program, you will be encouraged, equipped, and empowered to unlock the relationships, work and life YOU really want. 
You will honestly assess where you are at and then design YOUR unique Vision for the future.  You will develop the Self-Leadership and Leadership required to break free from limitations, perform your best and Unlock Your Extraordinary Success.

You will have support with coaching, training, community & accountability. We bring you proven SMARTIES© & best practices on personal growth, human behavior, positive psychology, goal achievement and leadership, to accelerate your results.

(SMARTIES©:  Strategies, Mindsets, Actions, Resources, Teammates, Influence, Energy, Systems)

The UYES Roadmap© provides the way to unlock your extraordinary success with confidence, courage & consistency:

  • ASSESS  Your alignment to your authentic best self and your life satisfaction 
  • DESIGN   Your vision for your Authentic Best Self and Best Life: purpose, relationships, health, work & well-integrated life
  • PLAN       Your priorities, goals & the right SMARTIES© to achieve your vision
  • GROW      Yourself by to Heal, Eliminate, Learn & Practice for success 
  • PERFORM Your plan with time management, boundaries and habits 
  • LEAD          Yourself to effectively attract, influence and enroll the right people and teams in your work & personal life

I believe that you are here because you are ready to get unstuck and create extraordinary new results in every area of your life.  We all have blind spots and limiting beliefs.  I created this UYES Mentorship program to stop the overwhelm, fear, procrastination, and indecision that has been holding you back from the results you want.  When you go “all-in”, You will be ready to live, love and lead authentically in every area of your life.  You will finally unlock the extraordinary success you really want.

It’s time for you to unlock more joy, fulfillment, and freedom daily.
You are worth itπŸ’œ

What's included: 

  • 1 Individual 45-minute Coaching call per month  
  • 1 Individual 90-minute strategy call per quarter  
  • Weekly T-Time:  Group Coaching call to learn and mastermind principles
  • Monthly Hotseats: Voluntary LIVE spot coaching to serve you and the community
  • UYES Workshops:  best practices & proven SMARTIES©  based on the community's needs
  • UYES Mentorship Office Hours @1-2 x month to pop on and ask questions
  • UYES Mentorship Support:  Support in our private community
  • UYES Library: Training & Recordings
    • Unlocking Your Best Life training to develop and implement your UYES roadmap
    • Unlocking Your Best Business training (Provisional: ONLY if you completed or enrolled in Business Building coaching with me)

I hope you will join us in UYES Mentorship, I am excited to be a part of unlocking YOUR extraordinary success story.